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FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 2:30pm EDT
olbermann? so we know what happened. he was sitting there, are we on delay and a seven second delay, he way assured that he had a delay and that he could, he felt, utter this word-- >> the amazing thing here is the incredible hipocracy of the right wing. >> what? >> rush limbaugh, yes, i'll say it again, rush limbaugh goes on about, look, meanwhile, limbaugh calls the president a thug and all liberals, now, thieves, he says horrible things about the president and somehow the liberals are to blame for a double standard. >> look, let's go back a second. as you alluded to, john, as goldberg and a million other cement taters were noted calling bush 43, a fascist, a murderous something or other, a path logical idiot in chief. >> kind of of things that limbaugh says about obama. >> and the interesting thing msnbc took no action against olbermann and promoted him and raises so on. msnbc clearly wants its talent to say bad things about republicans. >> just like they want their talent say bad things about obama. >> and clearly don't want talent to say even the most mild things about a democrat. >> a
Jul 3, 2011 8:00am PDT
to howard beale, who interestingly is one of his heroes and one of keith olbermann's heroes. what about jim cramer on cnbc? he practically strokes out every other show. is that too incendiary? i think the question is was he too incendiary on the wrong topics? i would argue when anyone brings up nazi, holocaust, you're immediately going to alienate a big percentage of the audience. to use that word as a weapon against somebody because you don't agree with their politics is the ultimate insult to what the holocaust was. and i think that alienates people. >> it seems to me, if i can jump in here, the show got increasingly woincreasing ly weird, there was talk about jews and other issues. he hadding f infans and viewers >> i think he should have changed the show to apocalypse now. i think he's brilliant, very, very good at tapping into a sense of collective rage. and i think that's what people identified with and i think it's very tied to the economy. i think because people are so angry that they don't have jobs for so long and that the economy has not turned around yet, that he's tapping into
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)